1. What is #HealthyRewards?
    #HealthyRewards is a loyalty program introduced by Paninaro for individuals like you, seeking a healthy
    The #HealthyRewards Loyalty Program allows you to earn points on your spends at Paninaro, and
    assists you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially through your busy and hectic work schedules.
  2. How do I register for the #HealthyRewards program?
    You can enrol for #HealthyRewards Loyalty Program either at our cafés and outlets or online at www.paninaro.in/healthyrewards.Upon submission of your duly filled form, you should be enrolled into the Program within 24 to 48 hours.
  3. How can I earn #HealthyRewards points?
    You can earn points on purchases made at any Paninaro Cafés and Outlets. On spend of INR 50, you will earn 5 points.Please note, you can either earn or redeem points at one time. Points will not be earned or assigned on purchases of discounted products or during promotional offers (for example, #60After6).
  4. Can I earn or redeem points when I order from online food portals like Zomato, Swiggy, Scoosty and Food Panda?
    Unfortunately, we cannot assign points to your purchases made through food portals unless you are already registered in the Program and your number is provided to us at the time of placing the order.Redemption of points cannot be done through food portals, but you can call or visit our Cafés and Outlets and we’ll be happy to redeem them for you.
  5. Can I use my #HealthyRewards points for partial payments on purchases at Paninaro?
    Yes, you can use your #HealthyRewards points for partial payments, i.e. redemption through points and cash or credit card.  Please note however, points cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash or credit.
  6. How many points can I redeem at once?
    You can redeem as many points as you like on one purchase, but the minimum redemption needs to be at least INR 50 at one time.
  7. How will I know my point’s balance?
    Each time you, earn and redeem points, #HealthyRewards will send you a text message regarding your earning, redemption and available balance.
  8. Do my #HealthyRewards points have an expiry date?
    Yes, your points expire 12 months after they are credited, so ensure you use them prior to their expiry.  At the time of redemption, points earned first are debited followed by points earned later.
  9. Can I register more than one number under my name in #HealthyRewards program?
    Yes, you can register more than one number, however please note that #HealthyRewards points and
    benefits are non-transferable and your registered mobile number is your unique identification number in
    the #HealthyRewards Program.
  10. What can I do if the balance points on my Healthy Rewards account are inaccurate?
    Please connect with us regarding your query at healthyrewards@paninaro.in and we’ll rectify this for
    you immediately.
  11. Can I transfer my #HealthyRewards points to someone else?
    No, #HealthyRewards points and benefits are non-transferable.
  12. How does Paninaro manage my personal information?
    We do not share your personal information with any third party but your information is stored in
    accordance to our Privacy Policy and used by the Company to provide you with important updates
    regarding the #HealthyRewards Loyalty Program.