In 1986, an English pop-band, the Pet Shop Boys, released and popularized a song, ‘Paninaro’- inspired by a sub-culture of Italian youngsters who epitomized rebel-spirited change. The Italians would meet at a ‘sandwich shop’ – ‘Al Panino’, in Milan and were infamously called ‘Paninaro’ too. It is this spirit of rebellion & their un-ending quest to bring about a change that connected the two.

Carrying forward this tradition of challenging the status-quo, we in 2009, decided to ensure & provide easy accessibility to fresh & healthy food on the go, for busy young India. The idea was to stand up against the prevailing norm of unhealthy, low-on-nutrition fast food. Serving healthy treats from farm to fork in just 48 hours, we introduced #FoodThatDoesGood, made today-served today!




Our outlets offer the perfect location for a quick meal. Situated in the midst of corporate offices, we offer seating spaces along with take-away, on-the-go and delivery options to consumers. Patrons get to select from a range of fresh and ready-to-eat salads, sandwiches, bagels, paninis, wraps, sides, dips, desserts and beverages.

In addition to what our Outlets offer, our cafés provide a range of hot dishes like pizzas, pastas and bakes among others, which are instantly made to order. While located in the midst of corporate offices, our cafes are significantly larger but provide limited table service to guests.

For healthy eating on the go, our Food Truck has been specially designed to enable us to serve our product at any street within the city. Parked at the curbside, the food truck enables easy access to fresh & healthy food for the busy generation.